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Ban Kasalong Massage

Thai massage for body and face

There are several types of massages also it can be classic or more modern. Indeed the two provide very pleasant and relieving effects for body and soul. Ban kasalong provides high quality massages. Traditional knowledge of the energy points in the body at the service of your well-being. By kneading the muscles, it relaxes, loosens the blockages and muscular tensions.
In Thailand, the massage is practiced as a preventive and therapeutic. It is particularly effective in treating back pain, circulation problems, insomnia, anxiety, generalized fatigue, stress or even headaches.

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It is an effective step to relieve stress, reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, promote joint mobility, improve lymphatic drainage, and address other negative vibrations contained in the body. It not only works inside but it also gives positive effects on the external appearance of the body. It helps promote your well-being and actually gives beauty and calm to both your body and soul. See the immense effect of a regular massage therapy treatment.

Let Ban Kasalong be part of your healthy lifestyle.

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