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  • massage aux huiles

    Gift card Aromatic Oils Massage 1h


    The beneficial effects of essential oils, this massage, solo or duet, you provide a total well-being; Zen mind is sought. This massage with aromatic oils, while relaxing, remains deep enough. It alternates fluid movements and deep pressure for your most tense muscles and light percussion that will soothe you from the stress of urban stress.

  • ban kasalong massage

    Gift card Body and Mind Balance Massage 2h


    The mind body massage is suitable for very sensitive people. We use light and gentle massage techniques that combine gentleness, rhythm and flow to lead the body and mind towards a state of deep relaxation.

  • massage thai des pieds

    Gift card Massage Reflexology 1h


    Reflexology is the art of massaging feet, calves and legs with a wooden stick and massage for relaxation oils. A mixture of oil, cream containing menthol and camphor relax you: it is to stimulate the internal organs through reflective areas on the sole of the feet.

  • Sale! Offrir massage thai de qualité

    Gift card Traditionnal Thaï Massage 1h

    95.00 75.00

    Rhythmic and choreographed, Thai massage is a succession of natural way many sequences, like a dance. The many changes of position are realized with elegance and touch each exercised with a more accurate posture.

  • Sale! Offrir massage aux plantes

    Herbal Thai Massage 1h30

    155.00 135.00

    The cotton ballots are applied to the skin, little by little the natural plants release their active principle under the effect of the heat and they come, as by magic, to alleviate with alchemy, pleasantly and durably, Whole body. This plant massage is the ideal formula for those who seek the osmosis regained with nature and the nourishing earth.