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Hot oils Massage 1h


The massage with warm oils is the sweetest of our massage is the most relaxing; the virtues of these heated oils are soothing, purifying and you really provide intense relaxation. You just have to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away … This massage with heated oils, and heating the body to assert its vital fullness, is to discover DUO DOUBLE CABIN: This is a unique trip a world of relaxation and serenity found. Thai massage with warm oils alternating fluid movements and deep pressure with tapping and friction on the most tense muscles. With the muscle kneading exercised by palms, massage with warm oils unravels all the tensions and allows to rebalance energy circulation. Massage with hot oils, therapeutic value, stimulates essential sensory organs and prevents many ailments. Native to India, this massage is practiced with warm oils with oils heated and maintained at temperature throughout the duration of the massage.

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