Les MASSAGES en Solo ou duo : Aromatic Massage Oils

Les MASSAGES en Solo ou duo : Aromatic Massage Oils

The MASSAGE Solo or duo : Aromatic Massage Oils


Aromatic Massage Oils

The aromatic oil massage is offered to the client 3 times to prolong the pleasure of relaxing. Gift Idea: you can discover the massage with aromatic oils DUO DOUBLE CAB, it is thus a single common journey into a world of supreme relaxation. The duo massage with oils is a relaxing combination, combining the properties of aromatic oils with proven efficacy of Thai massage.

The beneficial effects of essential oils, this massage, solo or duet, you provide a total well-being; Zen mind is sought. This massage with aromatic oils, while relaxing, remains deep enough. It alternates fluid movements and deep pressure for your most tense muscles and light percussion that will soothe you from the stress of urban stress.

Directed to the skin with aromatic oils, massage oils truly enables the recovery of the body’s energy offering you relaxation and fulfillment. The practice therapy, head to toe, smooth and linear movements, such ebbs and flows, with aromatic oils to stimulate, with the amplitude of wave movements that resemble the comings and goings of the waves, lines energy of your body and revitalize your muscles powerfully.

The Pañpuri oils, Thailand exclusive luxury range in France, offer you different exotic flavors, choose from: Jasmine, Green Tea, Papaya, Coconut and Ginger for a change of scenery more absolute. The serenity of dreams is at your fingertips …

SOLO 1h: 95€ Book now and get a promotion.
DUO 1h: 165€