massage aux plantes thai

Herbal massage

Thai massage to plants, is already the joy of breathing the perfume exhaled by the plants fumes! The therapeutic properties of these plants provide a feeling of well-being but also allow better blood circulation and a revitalization of the skin. These plants, previously rubbed, crushed and heated, release their active ingredients under the effect of steam. Is applied to the skin with a fabric bundle. It is this massage to live more natural healing as a true and genuine contact with the virtues of the plant kingdom. In addition, it should be noted that this singular massage, unique, always starts with a traditional Thai massage or aroma oil massage an hour.

In Thailand, you should know that there are nearly 3,000 different herbs. Warm herbs are intended to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body, from head to foot arches, often painful. The massage plants is in several stages: it begins with an invigorating traditional massage during which the plant ballotins are expertly steam heated. By massaging through an extra soft cotton pajamas feet to the head, the therapist alternates deep and superficial feels pressure to relax the muscles in depth.

Cotton ballotins are applied to the skin: little by little, natural plants release their active substance under the influence of heat and they come, like magic, alchemy with ease, comfortably and sustainably, the tensions of the entire body. This herbal massage is the ideal formula for those who seek harmony with nature and found the mother earth.

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