foot massage - reflexology


Foot massage, essential, can evacuate the stress of everyday life in order to reach complete relaxation. For over 3000 years, it is with art that Thai massage has the ability to prevent and cure many ailments such as digestive disorders, migraines, asthma and heavy legs; it also improves blood and lymphatic circulation, drains toxins and relieves, as it should, heavy legs while stimulating all body organs.

Reflexology is the art of massaging feet, calves and legs with a wooden stick and massage for relaxation oils. A mixture of oil, cream containing menthol and camphor relax you: it is to stimulate the internal organs through reflective areas on the sole of the feet.

Sitting in a comfortable chair, fall asleep and let yourself board to Thailand … Go for a massage two hours to effect a more convincing and certainly you will feel and wellness for several days.

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